Red Chile Salsa


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Experience the sweet boldness of Gilly Loco Red Chile Salsa Roja and you’ll never look at salsa the same way again! Spice up your life by using our Salsa Roja for dipping, cooking and garnishing! The 100% all natural salsa gets its rich color and authentic taste from the arbol chilies we use to whip up the blend. The chilies are harvested on farms in town known as Hatch, New Mexico and actually considered to be the best red chilies in all of the land. Seriously. We’re not just making this stuff up. To bring out the full flavor of the peppers, we have added crushed tomatoes, natural spices and just a hint of brown sugar to the “toasty” mix.

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Additional information

Additional information

Variety Salsa

Size 16 oz. Jar

Heat Level Medium

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