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Lil Kristi’s Tortilla Chips are made with 100% pure corn. First, the corn is cooked and then ground into masa with lava rocks. It’s then fired up in special ovens and cooked to perfection. Afterwards it is lightly fried and season by hand! The difference is obvious… with no preservatives, our gluten-free recipe will make you crave more!

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“To make tortilla chips, many brands use “Maseca”–a refined corn flour. Using Maseca makes it cheap and easy to make tortilla chips and sacrifices taste. Lil Kristi’s Tortilla Chips are made with 100% pure corn. They don’t skip any steps or cut any corners and that’s why their chips simply taste better.

Kristine Mirelle Trujillo started “Lil Kristi’s” Mexican food products in the winter of 2010. Her goal was to create high quality delicious Mexican Foods.  She created Lil Kristi’s tortilla chips and salsas and started going store to store talking to managers to try and introduce her products onto their shelves. Kristine had her hand in the entire business from creating the actual design of the packaging, to delivering and distributing the product in her small jeep. Since then her company’s products can now be found in more than 100 stores around New Mexico including Whole Foods and Sprouts grocery stores.

Kristine Mirelle “Lil Kristi” currently lives in LA and is a professional singer/pianist who performs regularly in Hollywood and surrounding LA areas.

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