Sadie’s Sopaipilla Mix


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Make your own sopapillas at home with this easy to use Sopapilla Mix from Sadie’s Restaurants.

Each bag makes 10-15 sopapillas (depending on size) and comes with detailed instructions.

This famous mix makes hot and fluffy sopapillas, just like you get in the restaurant!


Sadie’s Salsa has created a name for itself that not only people in Albuquerque have come to know and love, but has gained notoriety around New Mexico and throughout the United States! 50 years ago their famous salsa was born, and since then people from all walks of life have found comfort in its authentic taste. Their salsa, chile, and sopaipilla mix can be enjoyed in the restaurants, as well as found in over 9,000 stores across the nation, where its iconic flavors can be cherished in the homes of many!

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Fry Bread & Sopaipilla Mix


32 oz. Bag