Bizcochito Breakfast Bread


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A tasty treat evolved from traditional Spanish Christmas cookies from Cibolo Junction!

Get a taste of traditional New Mexican cuisine with the Bizcochito Breakfast Bread, a sweet and spicy bread made with orange zest sugar, anise, and other spices, baked to perfection for a crispy exterior and soft interior. Ideal for breakfast, dessert, or a sweet snack, enjoy it with a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa, especially during the holiday season. Add this delicious treat to your cart today and savor a slice of New Mexico!


Cibolo Junction Food & Spice Co is a specialty manufacturer of traditional New Mexican cuisine, including salsas, soup and bread mixes, and spices made with ingredients and flavors unique to the Chimayo region of New Mexico. The Chimayo chili is known for its flavorful and aromatic spices that influence many of Cibolo Junctions’ delicious foods.

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