Delivery & merchandising to grocery, large format, warehouse, natural, independent & specialty customers.

Manage product placement and support for schematic development.

Reports and recommendations to optimize category and item sections.

Perform as needed to revise product placement and selection.

Representation of your products to key accounts.

Develop strategic sales and marketing plans, product development, pricing strategies, etc.

Strategically plan and schedule promotional, ad, and display activity around holidays, seasons, and major events. 

Account presentations to obtain product authorizations for retail accounts. Guiding product placement and sales support.

Offering Ecommerce solutions to our Local Brands.

Local products demo program that offers product samples at various retail locations.


Distribution throughout New Mexico and El Paso, Texas

Statewide Products is proud to offer full service distribution throughout the Land of Enchantment and into El Paso. Our extensive knowledge of the local market gives us a competitive edge as we strive meet the specific needs of each individual brand we represent.


As the brands we represent desire to expand outside of New Mexico, we are here to help them grow.  We work hand in hand with our manufacturers to negotiate sales and handle national account calls, complete required paperwork, schedule shipments and provide necessary support.

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